01. What kind of videos we generally do?

At the core, we are all in one video making company. We do marketing,
training, educational & explainer videos.

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03. I urgently need a video made. Can you help?

Yes. Call us at 8602609033

video maker agency
04. I want to get a video made but didn’t see anything similar in your portfolio. Can you still do it?

Yes. We offer customized services. Reach out to us with your requirements
and our team will get back to you with the most relevant solution.

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05. I run an advertising agency and have a client. Can I outsource these orders to you?

Yes. Whether you are looking for a video production company or an explainer
video company, with purl dicemultimedia you do not need to go anywhere else.
In such a case, you would be the point of contact with your client
and our team will coordinate with you.

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06. Do we work on bulk orders/requirements?

Yes. We create a tailor-made pipeline for bulk orders to ensure
fast delivery and good quality and also offers discounts in bulk ordering.

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07. Who owns the rights to the videos?

You have the absolute full rights on the final video to use however and
wherever you want. We are okay with non disclosure agreements and copyrights.

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08. What are your payment terms?

Whatever the quoted prices is finalized, our payment terms involve remittance
of 50% of amount as advance and 50% of amount on finalisation of video.
you can pay us through these options- Payoneer, Paypal or bank Transfer.

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